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Be The Light Leafy Bulb

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Be the Light leafy bulbs are grown & prepared in SA, Our hearty leaf from the Philodendron family comes in a stand alone light bulb, along with a BTL card to write a little something, to that special someone to brighten their day.

If you feel speechless our card caption is "Everyone needs a little light in their world, thanks for being a light in mine" 
This makes the perfect lasting gift for absolutely anyone or occasion: - maybe yourself, a stranger, your mother, brother or a lover. 

Care Mode:

    I like indirect sunlight and lots of water!

    Please do not remove me from the bulb because that might hurt my tiny roots

    Can't wait to meet you or meet the lucky person you are sending me too!

    Please note, the plant in the pictures is an example of BTL leafy Bulb at the moment, the final product might be different in colour and or number of leaves. I