Our Favourite Winter Blooms

Our Favourite Winter Blooms

Winter may seem like a quiet season for flowers, but it’s actually a time when some of the most stunning and vibrant blooms showcase their beauty. Our staff have a keen eye for beauty along with a love for delightful scents and they have selected their top five favourite flowers that brighten up any winter day. Let’s explore which flowers have captured our hearts.

Tulips: Elegance in Every Petal

Tulips are a symbol of elegance and simplicity, making them a beloved choice for winter arrangements. Their smooth, cup-shaped petals come in a rainbow of colours, from soft pastels to vivid hues, which can complement any decor. Despite their delicate appearance, tulips are quite hardy and can thrive in cooler temperatures. They are perfect for adding a touch of spring to your home in the heart of winter.

Stocks: Fragrant and Full-Bodied

Stocks, also known as Matthiola, are cherished for their sweet, clove-like fragrance and dense, full blooms. These flowers bring a romantic and old-fashioned charm to any winter bouquet. They come in various shades, including pink, white, purple, and red, making them versatile for different themes and occasions. 

Poppies: Vibrant and Eye-Catching

Poppies are a true standout in the winter garden with their bright, papery petals and striking black centres. These flowers exude a cheerful and whimsical vibe, making them perfect for lifting spirits during the colder months. Available in various shades like red, orange, yellow, and white, poppies add a burst of colour to any setting.

Snapdragons: Graceful and Resilient

Snapdragons, or Antirrhinum, are known for their tall, spiky stems covered in tubular blooms that resemble a dragon’s face. They are a favourite for adding height and drama to winter arrangements. Snapdragons come in a variety of colours, from soft pastels to rich, deep tones, and they can thrive in cooler temperatures, making them ideal for winter.

Gerberas: Bright and Cheerful

Gerberas, or Gerbera daisies, are known for their large, cheerful blooms that can light up any room. With a broad spectrum of colours available, from vibrant reds and oranges to soft pinks and whites, gerberas are versatile and always in style. Their bold, daisy-like appearance makes them a favourite for adding a pop of colour to winter arrangements.

Adorning your home with these stunning flowers during winter not only adds beauty but also brings warmth and a touch of nature indoors. Whether you prefer the elegance of tulips, the fragrance of stocks, the vibrancy of poppies, the grace of snapdragons, or the cheerfulness of gerberas, there’s a winter flower to suit every taste and style. Pop in store to grab yourself a stunning bunch of our favourite blooms or an arrangement incorporating these flowers and more, they'll be sure to brighten the gloomiest of winter days.

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