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Bath Bomb

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WATERMELON - Our Watermelon Easter bath bombs smell so sweet and juicy, it will make your mouth water. The scent is reminiscent of watermelon hard boiled candies.

ICE CREAM - Talk about YUM! These Neapolitan ice cream scented bath bombs smell just like the real thing, plus they look like mini egg shaped ice cream. Sure to be a favourite! The Ice Cream Easter bath bombs are sweet and sugary with notes of vanilla, strawberry milkshake and chocolate fudge.

BERRY BURST - Berry Burst bath bombs are delectable, fruity and sweet. Vibrant purple bombs infused with the fragrance of raspberries and pomegranate. 

CONFETTI CAKE - Confetti Cake Easter bath bombs are reminiscent of fairy bread, candy floss and vanilla cakes. The fragrance is a sweet and vanilla intense, and the bomb is decorated with a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands which will give the foam a sprinkle of colour.

MARSHMALLOW - Our Pink Marshmallow Easter bath bombs are light, sweet with just the right note of musk sticks to smell just like a fluffy marshmallow. Think vanilla and sugar.

SALTED CARAMEL - Our Salted Caramel Easter bath bombs smell SO tasty! Sweet and warm, with notes of brown sugar and vanilla amidst the salted caramel scent. And perfectly topped with a drizzle of cocoa butter for a dreamy looking bath bomb.

They're fizzy, foamy, super scented and will give your little one a fun bubbly bath time. 

Be sure to watch your little ones in the tub, they smells delicious but please do not let kiddos eat them.