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Getting Lost Card Game

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Ready to get lost?

Getting Lost is a card game that you play in the real world to turn any drive, walk, cycle, holiday or random Sunday afternoon into an adventure

Start your getting lost adventure in 4 easy steps:

1. Pick Your Pack: From girls road trips, to school pick up, to exploring on foot, to date night, to Summer play, to dog walks – we have an adventure for you.

2. Shuffle Your Cards: This is literally the only planning you have to do. We encourage the odd bit of cheating so hide that “head for home” card

3. Follow The Directions: You’ll find a mix of activity and/or direction cards depending on the pack you choose. Our directions are designed to be played anywhere in the world. Give in to the craziness and surrender to getting lost.

4: Laugh, Explore & Make Memories: “hilariously funny”; “laughed till our faces ached”; “mad, crazy fun”; “our trips have become the envy of our friends”; “the perfect way to make some memories”