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Gratitude Guided Journal

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Boost your happiness and create positive ripples around you with the Intrinsic Gratitude Journal, as it guides you towards capturing life’s magic moments and hidden treasures. 

Featuring a gorgeous hardcover, adorned with shades of green, sparkles of gold foil, and an uplifting quote by South Australian inspiration icon Adèle Basheer, this A5 journal is set to add extra inspiration to your daily journaling. 

When Adèle had a young family, their nightly ritual was to count three good things that happened in each of their days. Inspired by this, we created our Gratitude Journal; a place to savour life's simple joys and look for the light in life's obstacles.

Our Guided Gratitude Journal is divided into three tabbed sections:

  • The Gratitude Glow - guided questions to delve deeper into what you’re grateful for in different areas of your life. 
  • Gratitude Journal -  a freestyle journaling section with both blank and lined pages to use as you wish, such as recording the grateful moments of your day.
  • Monthly Insights - specific guided questions that encourage you to reflect and celebrate the positive changes that are taking place.

    Think of this journal as a guiding light to help you along your grateful path in life, allowing you to write freely, as well as offering prompts to explore specific grateful moments and fun ideas to spark kindness + gratitude to others.