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Greenhouse Pansy Ceramic Coaster

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Say hello Greenhouse, an homage to the serene beauty of lush, verdant landscapes. This latest homewares range weaves together timeless motifs of abundant hydrangeas, lilies, and white roses. The trio of these floral elements is highlighted by vibrant accents of rich greenery and intricate gold details set against pure white. Offering the tried-and-tested product range of framed canvases, photo frames, verses, coasters, magnets, and planters plus more, the range is a forecasted favourite for Spring and Summer whilst boasting the timeless elegance of a trans-seasonal seller. Starter Pack includes 145 items and 2 Counter Display Units. Pack is subject to change pending stock availability.


  • On-trend greenery design!
  • Non-slip cork backing!
  • Luxe 3D embossed details!
  • Made from high quality materials!

Product Details:

  • Size: 11 x 11 x 0.5cm
  • Details: Ceramic coaster with embossed design and cork backing