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Kubb Original Crate

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Kubb In Crate is identical to Kubb Original, but comes in a handy Birchwood carry crate instead.

Also known as Viking Chess, Kubb is a fun log throwing team game from Sweden, great for family and friends of all ages.  It's a perfect way to deliver laughs and entertainment at your next outdoor get together.  Kubb is easy to learn and with each team having between one and six Vikings, it easily entertain a larger group.  

In keeping with Nordic tradition, our original Kubb set is crafted from eco-friendly birch (a shock resistant tough hardwood) and comes in durable a nylon carry-bag.  All timber pieces and edges are sanded smooth. Over time, your original Kubb will enjoy a light rub with Danish oil or equivalent timber oil from time to time for preservation and protection.

Set includes:

  • 1 King
  • 10 Kubbs "soldiers" 
  • 6 throwing batons 
  • 4 corner posts
  • Official Kubb by Planet Finska rule card.