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Wax Melts

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Directions - Remove wax melt bar from all packaging and for best results, add 1 or 2 pieces to your wax melt warmer. Recommended burn time 4 hours per piece.Store in a cool dry place under 25°.WARNING For use with wax warmers only. Do not add water. Do not light wax directly. Hot liquid may cause burns. Avoid contact with skin. Do not touch or move wax while in liquid form or hot.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

BLONDE CASHMERE - Fill your home with the sweet aroma of our Signatura Collection Blonde Cashmere wax melts. Enjoy warm notes of vanilla orchid, Maple, freesia, blonde woods, and cashmere.

BROWN SUGAR - Enjoy rich notes of Maple, molasses, sandalwood, caramel, and vanilla bean.

KAKADU PLUM - Enjoy sweet notes of passionfruit, lime, violet, gardenia, and guava.